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Anonymous asked: Hi! I'm also pregnant, 25 weeks :) have you started buying baby stuff yet? I'm freaking out cause I haven't bought anything. I'm having a hard time differentiating the wants and needs. What would you consider needs for a baby?

we have started buying a couple of things here and there, nothing too much. We also registered on Amazon for a bunch of baby necessities too, cause there are a few baby showers planned, and whatever we don’t get at those, we will slowly buy! Amazon’s baby registry is helpful cause it has a checklist of stuff people normally need for babies—feeding, sleeping, diapering, clothes, travel, etc. there are also a bunch of helpful lists online that tell ya the basic idea of what you need before you take home a newborn—most of it is common sense! And you definitely have time!
Hope this helps!

I really don’t mean to be sassy but if you’re going to anonymously ask me a question that you could answer yourself by doing a tiny bit of research on Google, I am not going to answer it—I just don’t have time. Same with anonymously asking me where I get my clothes, how me and zach met (one-year Bible program in the mountains), if I have any tattoos (I have two), if we had sex before we got married (we didn’t), and where we live (central coast of California). I get at least 30 questions a day and almost half of them are one of these and I can’t keep answering redundant questions! It’s boring and lame! I’m not trying to be rude, I just don’t want to post the same thing over and over again! Check my previous asks ( and other tagged sections!

for where I get my clothes:

for my tattoos:’d

for our adventures:

Sorry bout the sass, I’m extra tired and sore today but I love ya still!!!!!

(Disclaimer: while I think you should still check out the tagged sections before asking a question, this doesn’t apply to non-anons—I will be happy to answer any questions privately for ya, don’t be shy! It may take me a bit to respond but I will eventually!!:)

Anonymous asked: Do you still sell stuff on Hanmade? I would love a beanie!!

nope, not right now! I am going to school, working full-time, in the process of moving, preparing for a baby, being married—life has gotten too busy! I was getting 30+ orders/week and I am the only one that runs it! I may possibly start it up again after baby comes, because I really loved it! but we will see! maybe I will have to hire some interns, eh?

28 weeks/third trimester/final countdown/ptl #weloveforestway

28 weeks/third trimester/final countdown/ptl #weloveforestway

Anonymous asked: What is zach like in real life?


zach is kind—he always asks our cashier or barista or waiter/waitress how they’re doing (and he means it) and tries to make their day a little better by the end of the conversation. He is very funny and literally always makes me (and everyone) laugh. He is also silly, which is different (and funner) than funny, and he is also very fun (different than funny or silly) and makes me dance to fun music when I am sad or down (because he knows I can’t not dance when certain beats come on and he knows I can’t be sad when I’m dancing). He is smart & he knows what going on in the world. He loves learning and always reads books that get him to think. He drinks his coffee black and eats everything I will cook, and he always says he loves it (even though I made these weird potato thingys once and he hates potatoes but he said they were “fricken good”). He loves Jesus and loves learning and talking about theology. He is adventurous and has made me adventurous and appreciate the outdoors. He is sweet and romantic—every day when we wake up (I am not a morning person), he says, “good morning honey! I love you today and I am so glad I married you!” And kisses my face. He is a servant and is always helping me with anything I need, like the other night I left my tangle tamer in the freezing cold car (I have to brush my hair before bed or I will have one big dread lock instead of hair in the morning) and he got out of bed to get it for me!!! He also wakes up fifteen minutes before me every day to make our daily smoothie/bagel and coffee. He always takes care of me. He is the greatest human in all the world and has shown me the love of Jesus better than anyone has. I am literally the luckiest girl ever cause I get to wake up to his handsome bearded face every morning and be his wife forever.

Anonymous asked: Did you start college late? I'm in a similar situation with comparing my timing for college with other people (I feel so behind), so its nice to see positivity from others in the same place as me. I'd love to hear your story about it.

sorta. I went to a year-long Bible program in the mountains (—that’s where I became a Christian and figured out exactly what I believe (its also where I met my husband and most of my best best friends). after that year, I spent a year in Oregon going to school, spent a year in Ventura, CA working as a full-time nanny, spent three years in San Diego, CA going to school and working at a church, and then got married and moved to the Central Coast (CA). I didn’t know what I wanted to major in until about year three of my college education—that’s why I think  those people who go to a community college/JC for a year or two are verrryyy smart.

even though it has taken me forever to get to this point, my senior year of college (hopefully), I am thankful for all of the places I’ve lived and the friends I’ve made and things I’ve learned—since graduating high school, I have traveled to Mexico, Israel, Honduras, Ireland, across the US, and almost all the way up the coast. I worked at a summer camp in the mountains, started my business, and was a nanny to the sweetest family. I have met so many incredible humans and learned far more from real life experience than I ever could in a classroom, and now I am ready to go back to school and finish, finally. but if it doesn’t work out for me to graduate next semester, for whatever reason (like being too busy with keeping a human baby alive), I will be ok with that! Its so easy to get discouraged when basically allll my friends have graduated from college but guess what, everyone is different! many graduate when they are 21 or 22—I am 24 years old (still not really that old), I’ve been in school for six years, I am about to be a mama, would rather cook or camp or swim or sleep or crochet or cuddle than do most other things, and I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to graduate college, but I am also thankful for camping and humans and getting to see the parts of the world that I have!

life is for learning, people! its not only about degrees and classrooms and papers! hopefully, we never stop learning, with or without a degree.

look at that dog and that husband.

look at that dog and that husband.